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Books Written as Wynter S.K.

Publishing contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and sweet romance. Follow Wynter on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, and sign up for her newsletter here for all the latest on release dates, cover reveals, excerpts, giveaways, and more.


THE PARIS EXTRACTION: Agent provocateur Book 2

Badass CIA operative Chase Moreno has a lot on her plate these days: designing her home, babysitting a brand-new officer, staying out of trouble with her boss, and stopping a terrorist organization from destroying the world’s leaders at a global summit in Paris.

But a high-ranking government official who’s turned traitor has other ideas, and the clock is ticking. It’s up to Chase to uncover the plot’s mastermind before innocent people die, even if it means sacrificing herself in the process.

DEA Special Agent Jonathan Harper vows to tear the City of Lights apart to rescue the woman he loves. But can he find Chase in time, or will he be forced to watch her execution streamed live in front of the whole world?


THE MOOd for trouble: agent provocateur book 1

It takes a special blend of insanity and courage to answer the call to become a U.S. federal agent. CIA officer Charlotte “Chase” Moreno is equal parts crazy and brave, and she always—always—gets her guy.

Ex-pat and DEA Special Agent Jonathan Harper has a flawless record for bringing down criminals, but at home, his world revolves around his nine-year-old daughter.  Balancing fatherhood with a deep love for his job is a constant battle, and meeting the beautiful and mysterious Chase in Las Vegas while undercover wasn’t in the cards.

Chase vows never to work with a partner again after her last one died a year and a half ago on a mission. But their respective agencies urge her and Jon to put their heads together in order to bring down an international drug and weapons syndicate.

There’s one tiny problem: they can’t stand each other. 

But as the case and their personal lives—and baggage—become more tightly entwined, it’s impossible for either of them to deny their growing attraction.

However, duty calls...and it always comes first. If it doesn’t, it could cost them the case.

Or their lives.


big city christmas wish: a sweet holiday romance

Top NYC event planner Noelle Lin has built a successful career helping others plan their perfect Christmas parties, even though she's always struggled with the holidays because they only remind her of the people gone from her life. But when the son of one of the wealthiest CEOs in the city shows up at her firm to hire her to plan an ambitious toy drive, Noelle can’t say no—to either the cause, or to her gorgeous client.

Instead of following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps, Asher Bradencourt branched off to start his own nonprofit, and this Christmas, he’s got a huge goal: a gift for every underprivileged child in NYC. He’ll have to recruit the best party planner in the city to make it happen. The beautiful and brilliant Noelle is not exactly what he’d call a Scrooge, but she needs a lot of Christmas cheer, and he’s the perfect guy to give it to her.

Though Asher and Noelle bond over their philanthropic mission, they quickly discover the city and economy don’t share their spirit of giving. 

Will they change the hearts of a city full of Grinches with a little holiday miracle, or will they admit defeat and let their Christmas wishes for each other go unfilled?


pas de deux: a warriors and heroes novel

Soldier Cillian Ronan found a piece of hell in Iraq. He came back, but his friend didn’t. 

Back home in South Boston, he discovers his dad’s legendary boxing gym faces more challenges than he ever knew, and he’s got to step into the ring to keep it from the hands of a slimy businessman. 

When a new member finds herself in a dangerous situation one night, Cillian’s soldier instincts kick in and he can’t help but jump to her rescue. But can he really save her when he needs saving, too?

Sammi Carnevale’s dream of owning a dance studio came to a screaming halt a year and a half ago, when the darkest night of her life shackled her to the nightmare of PTSD. Joining a boxing gym seems both daunting and liberating, and the fact that the gym is the best in Southie and comes with charming hometown hero Cillian allows her to see possibilities she hasn’t in over a year. 

But when her past reappears, can she find the strength to face the menace, or will she crumble? Can two torn souls mend themselves alone, or will they need the power of love to be whole again, together?

Two secrets. Two traumas. Two fights.

One dance.


secret of us: a monroe falls romance

Mona swore she’d never go back to Monroe Falls. But when her parents’ business goes into crisis, there’s no other option. She brings with her not only the uncertainty of facing the bullies that ruined high school, but also a huge secret that threatens to shred the bond she shares with her brother. 

Leaving NYC for sleepy Monroe Falls is no problem for Jimmy—Kevin, his best friend, is home from war. A lifelong friendship means no secrets, but will it survive when Kevin discovers the girl Jimmy fell in love with while he was deployed was Kevin’s little sister?