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Makeup Haul + A New Behbeh

 Over the last few weeks, I've collected some things I wanted to share with you. Some of them are probably things you're already familiar with, but worth mentioning nonetheless.

I'm currently blogging from my brother's and sister-in-law's house near Chicago. Yesterday, my parents and I got word that their baby decided to make his entrance! The little guy, whom they named Eliot, is already so considerate - waiting to come out over a long holiday weekend, and before his mom's birthday on the 10th, and his big sister's birthday on the 15th! (July is clearly a busy month for this family from now on - my brother is the January birthday in a house full of July babies. And fun fact: he was also the January birthday in our family when we were growing up! My and my parents' birthdays are all in October, with me making my debut 2 days after my mom's birthday.)

So, before I hit the road with my parents, I snapped pictures of my haul to blog about it later on. With the excitement of the new baby, I thought I'd draft the blog on the road. 

And then I remembered that I get carsick. 

So, that had to wait until now. I made purchases from Gerard Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, ColourPop, MAC, and Sephora.

My Sephora haul had a repurchase, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil which is my all-time favorite brow product. To go with it, I also got the Benefit Gimme Brow tinted brow gel. As sacreligious as this is to say, I prefer it over the ABH tinted brow gel. The ABH wand is entirely too big for the eyebrow area - it's comparable to a standard mascara wand. The Benefit brow gel wand it TINY - perfect for getting each of those hairs coated and separated. And, the gel is much better at holding the hairs in place. Five kazillion thumbs up. 

I got the Urban Decay All-Nighter setting spray in the smaller size. I wanted to try it out before committing to the larger size because I didn't know if it would break me out. I'm happy to report that it has not broken me out, and that the spray is excellent. I always used to skip out on the very last step of setting my face with spray, but as the weather keeps getting hotter and I've had at least three instances of being in hot temps and sweating off my makeup, this step is definitely key. The brand Skindinavia makes the spray and they have their own brand as well. It's light and doesn't leave your face feeling sticky or tacky. The spray is also a fine mist, covering your face evenly. I like this better than Model in a Bottle, which doesn't have anywhere near as fine a spray and it definitely can leave my face feeling sticky for a little while.

I also picked up some Benefit Hello Flawless face powder. I first saw Desi Perkins, a YouTube blogger, raving about this. I'm always looking for a good powder and I thought I'd give this a try. So far, so good. It's light but buildable and leaves a velvety finish without getting cakey. Definitely recommend.

I got a sample size of the new Too Faced Born This Way foundation, but I haven't tried it yet except to see if it matches my skin. It's perfect for when I'm tan. It seems to be nice and light but also buildable, and I've heard nothing but good things about it.

Finally, the item I'm MOST excited about is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette. Now, this thing retails for an absurdly expensive price. I've been holding off on buying this for over six months now for that reason. But I got a new job, and decided to treat myself, so I caved and got it, and I love it. You get three powders in the palette - Dim Light, Radiant Light, and Incandescent Light. Dim and Radiant can be purchased in full-size compacts individually, but Incandescent is exclusive to this palette. They offer a natural highlight effect when you're going for that subtle glow as opposed to a beaming, shimmery highlight. Absolutely love this, and it's the only highlight I've been using lately. (Until my Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop arrives! Eeee!)

  Next up is my ColourPop haul. To celebrate KathleenLights, another YouTube blogger I follow, hitting a million subbies, she had a special discount code going on, so I decided to take advantage. I ordered two Lippie Stix, a Lippie Stix pencil to match one of the shades, and a highlight. And what's neat is that the ladies at ColourPop send a handwritten thank you note with every order. This is my fourth (or fifth?) ColourPop order and I've gotten a different note every time. 

  So, I don't wear bright or bold colors. It's not because I don't want to - I'm apprehensive about how they look on me. But because of the deal, I decided to order Frenchie in both the lipstick and the lip liner. This is a matte formula that is a bold red color with slightly orange undertones. It's really a beautiful color and I'm working up the courage to wear it. I should mention that for every Lippie Stix shade, there is a matching lipliner. I rarely ever get the lip liner but in this case, I did. I didn't want any bleeding or color unmatching going on!

  I also got Julep, which is a cream finish in a bright red color with pinkish undertones - it comes out looking more watermelon on me than red. I use this one sparingly for a sheer wash of color, rather than boldly swiping it on for full pigmentation. When I apply it with a light hand in a dabbing motion, it's almost like a your-lips-but-better color on me. 

Oh, how I long for the day when I wear bold colors as they were meant to be worn. Sigh. 

  The last thing from ColourPop was this highlight in Butterfly Beach. It's a gorgeous highlight that works well when I'm tanned, because it's almost but not quite bronzey. It's definitely a highlight, but it's a dark champagne color. Pretty!

  I ordered 4 lip glosses from Gerard Cosmetics. I wanted to get some more pink shades, because I don't have enough. *sarcasm* Only 3 colors are pictured here, though, because I ordered Cocoa Bean for my bestie. With her deep skin tone, that is the perfect nude for her. She's a makeup infant, so I like to pick up things with her in mind and force them on her. 

  These glosses are really more like shiny liquid lipsticks, they are THAT pigmented. I should have done swatches, but there was a baby on the way! Again, because I'm a wimp, I like to dab these on. I apply them to my lower lip and then smack together to deposit a lighter wash of color to my upper lip. Then I use my finger to blend it out. At this rate, these glosses will last me forever! My favorite of the bunch is Pink Frosting, which I apply normally, because it's a darker pink close to my natural lip color. The other two are definitely bright and bold - Fiji is a really bright baby pink, and Pink Tiara can only be described as a Barbie pink. You know what I'm talm 'bout.

  I got a couple more foiled shadows and a pigment from Makeup Geek. The foiled shadows are excellent - extremely shiny and wet looking. You know the old trick of wetting your shadow brush and then dipping it into a shimmery shadow to make the shimmer more intense? No need with the foiled shadows. Just apply with your finger or a synthetic brush for the full shiny, shimmery effect.

I had In The Spotlight first, which is a silvery-peach color, and got Starry Eyed and Mesmerized. I've also gotten more into pigments lately, which is just the loose version of a pressed shadow. These offer a lot more pigmentation (hence the name) and are easier to build up.   Speaking of pigments, the final leg of my haul is about these two from MAC. I got a loose and a pressed pigment. I actually purchased these both on eBay and spent in both what a normal loose pigment typically costs. Gotta love the 'bay.

The loose pigment is in the shade tan, and I love this. This could be my favorite summer color. I wore this to a winery with my husband and some friends last weekend and I did wet my brush before applying it. The effect is gorgeous - the pigment is already shimmery, but when wet and applied in a couple of layers, it was even more intense. I packed it on the lid and then used a light brown shade in the crease to blend it out. 

The pressed pigment is in Dusty Rose, which is pinker in hue. I haven't used it yet, I plan to soon.  

  Here are the pigments swatches - Dusty Rose on top and Tan on the bottom. I should point out that these are only one swipe of the finger with just a little dab of product - these things go far with pigmentation!

I'm really into shimmery lids and skin in the summer! I'm sure that's breaking some makeup rule somewhere, but I'm a rebel, so I don't care! 

Feels good to let go.

Back to baby Eliot (who I have already taken to calling Eee-lee-awt...don't know why) and all things family!