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MOTD: Smoky Halo Eye + Orange Lip, Plus The Pushy Pomeranian's Birthday

Our second child, our Pomeranian, was born June 19, 2011, following the still-mysterious birth of his brother, our gray shorthair cat. We're still trying to nail down a proper birth date for the cat, but he tends to enjoy the spoils of our dog's birthday right along with him.  Coincidentally, June 19 is also the day my husband and I met 11 years ago. Or maybe it's not so coincidental? O_o

We started the day by taking our pup to Starbucks, where he enjoyed his first Puppuccino. If you don't know what that is, it's just a small cup of whipped cream. And yes, I know that dairy is bad for dogs. But I let him get a few good licks off the top and then tossed it.



That afternoon, my husband and I attended the promotion ceremony of his BFF, who achieved the rank of Sergeant with the police department. His BFF is an extremely hard-working, dedicated, and visionary officer, responsible for many accomplishments with the force, including risking his own life to save another's inside a house that caught on fire. Needless to say, this promotion was well-deserved! Ofc. Fox will continue to do wonderful things in our community.

As it was a day ceremony I wanted to keep my makeup relatively light except for my current obsession - orange lipstick! I've always been afraid of bright lip colors. I always feel like bright colors make my mouth look like a giant garish blob. But the bright reds, pinks, and yes, oranges, have proven too tempting for even me to resist. I went shopping with my bestie a few weekends ago to help her pick out the perfect red, and in doing so I picked up a lip color from Urban Decay called Sheer Slowburn.


It's a red-orange color, clearly, but what makes it wearable for me is its creamy, sheer formula. It's also buildable, so when I wore it yesterday I began by lightly patting it on my lips. And as my confidence grew and my husband didn't tell me I looked like a clown, I applied it a little more heavily. It is BRIGHT and glossy but really a beautiful color that would complement so many skin tones, from fair to deep. 


Since I decided to do a bright lip, I wanted a softer eye to pair with it. I decided on a soft halo smoky eye. With this particular eye look, the shadow is curved around the eye and smoked out on the lower lash line. Sounds like a typical smoky eye, right? Basically, but you really want to emphasize that curve around the outer corner, connecting the color on the upper lid and lower lash line. You can run the risk of looking like a panda. But if you keep the color light and also contained to those areas, it can be pulled off and the effect is really soft but still smoky. I skipped liner and falsies, but a couple coats of black mascara finished off the look. 


I also took my new Cover Girl Outlast foundation for a spin. It's a nice one, and I did not get oily, which gets a kazillion thumbs up in my book. I do feel, though, that it's quite heavy for summertime, especially during the day. This is a great evening-look foundation, or a fall-winter one. 

I also used, or attempted to use, my new beauty sponge.

  Do not, I repeat, do NOT waste your money on this! As soon as I took it out of the package, I said, "Oh, no..." It is WAY too dense and hard to be used as a makeup sponge. I ran it under water and I'm pretty sure it didn't soak up a drop. I tapped it on my face once and said, "No way." The original Beauty Blender and the Real Techniques beauty sponge are both made of very light material, engineered to soak up water and provide a flawless makeup application. They are extremely soft and bouncy, not dense and hard. Eight gachillion thumbs down for the Studio 35 Beauty Blending Sponge.

I find that heavier foundations apply better with a damp beauty sponge. When you use a brush with these, they can look cakey and smeary if you're not careful. And, using a damp sponge helps to soak up excess product so it doesn't slather on your face. I wanted to keep the base light and go for glowing skin, so after I contoured, bronzed and blushed, I applied ColourPop Smokin' Whistles highlight.

         This is an intense vanilla highlight. I recommend this for fair to medium skin tones, otherwise it could be a little TOO bright. ColourPop has a highlight for every skin tone, though, and the $8 price tag is hard to beat! The texture of this feels like a mousse. I apply it with my fingers, or you can use a sponge to tap it on for more even coverage.

   Summertime for me means glowy skin, so I'm definitely about that highlight life! In the sunshine, this ColourPop one has an almost wet look, which I love. 

After the ceremony and reception afterward, at which I gorged myself on 3 mini-plates of lumpia, poncit, meatballs and veggies, it was time to head home and fix our pup his yearly birthday dinner - a small sirloin steak.

          We capped off our evening with froyo, 2 episodes of Orange Is The New Black, and lots of cuddles.  Cheers!