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Haul: Beauty First and Mini-Drugstore!

I've never been super into hair products; I'm a makeup junkie and have a hair IQ of about 5. But ever since I got my hair cut last week in a long bob, I've become suddenly interested in all kinds of hair products. I got an email from Beauty First about some sales this month, so I decided to stop by and see what I could find.       I walked away with a few new hair products and some half-price nail polish. I may have mentioned in an earlier post how much I do NOT need more nail lacquer, but in my defense, these are colors I don't possess already! I got 2 Kenra products - I've heard a lot of great things about Kenra and since I need these two products, I thought they'd be great to try before I branch out. I also got a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree hair treatment for the hair and scalp.


First up is this Kenra root-lifting spray. This is a volume-building foam, like a mousse, to be used on damp hair that lifts the roots and also delivers heat protection up to 428 degrees and humidity resistance for up to 60 hours. And it smells incredible - like gummy bears or something.     Next is this thermal styling spray, also by Kenra. This is also an anti-humidity product offering heat protection of up to 428 degrees (so exact!), but this is a true spray to be used on dry hair right before heat styling - flat irons, curling irons, etc. This product also smells great, though nowhere near as good as the foam. This spray definitely smells more salon-y.

   I also grabbed this hair and scalp treatment. It claims to invigorate and soothe troubled scalps. I imagine this would be used post shampoo and conditioner but it doesn't say for sure; it just says that you're supposed to rub a small amount into hair and scalp and leave it for 3-5 minutes. I'm very excited to use this to see what it does, but moreover, I'm anticipating the pleasant tingle that tea tree products offer. 


My last items from Beauty First were these three nail polishes, all 50% off, which is a great deal since Zoya and OPI retail for $9-$10. The Zoya color is called Neve and is a deep navy blue with purple micro-shimmer. The next color is Are We There Yet by OPI, and is a beautiful peachy-orange with tiny gold shimmer. And the last color is Every Month Is Oktoberfest by OPI, which may be my favorite color of all. It's a deep red-brown with tiny gold, copper, and purple shimmer. It's is beyond gorgeous and the perfect color for fall. I doubt my patience will hold out that long, though.


I had to stop at Walgreens for an item and as usual found myself lost in the makeup aisle. Whoops.


I haven't used Cover Girl makeup since approximately the ninth grad, except for one of my favorite lipsticks, Romance. It always seemed to be like the training bra of drugstore makeup, and it always had that smell.  You know what I'm talking about. It's not an unpleasant smell by any means, but it is totall unique to Cover Girl. Anyway, one of my favorite beauty vloggers, Kathleen Lights, recently did a review on a formula of the Outlast foundation, and she gave it a glowing review. She recommends that oily girls, like me, use the formula with the blue pump, as that's oil-free. Since I'm more tan at the moment, I picked up the shade Golden Tan. I applied a little to one side of my face to color match myself and check out the finish. I have to say that the finish is beautiful! It dries quickly and doesn't leave that moisture behind that some liquid make ups can. I didn't set it with powder or anything, either. It feels like I'm wearing nothing on my face at all, which I certainly appreciate in a liquid makeup. I'll take it for a few spins and then add it to the list of foundations to review. First impression from half my face, though, is that I like it. I'm looking forward to seeing how well it does against oil and humidity.


I also grabbed this pack of individual lashes. I don't wear lashes very often, but I love how they look. Individual lashes look far simpler to apply, and I'd like to play around with them . They have various sizes and lengths in this pack, which for $5 or so isn't a bad deal.

   Finally, I picked up this makeup sponge. I'm always interested to try out different sponges like these. Ever since the Beauty Blender burst onto the scene, these sponges have been everywhere. I have not ever used the official Beauty Blender only because I cannot justify spending $20 on a sponge. I do however use the Real Techniques sponge which is about $6, and I love that. I use that to apply foundation and blend out my concealer. The trick to using the sponge is to soak it (I squeeze it under running water about 15 times) and then squeeze out all the excess water so that it gets to be about twice its original size, damp but not dripping. It is, hands down, my favorite beauty tool. Mine is getting a little raggedy from frequent use, so I thought I would check out this version. It was about $5, so I couldn't pass it up. Especially knowing how much I use these makeup sponges.

While I love high end products, there is nothing like steals at the drugstore!