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Lifestyle: The Military Diet - Results and Final Thoughts

So yesterday concluded the final day of the Military Diet, and I weighed in this morning. I began these shenanigans weighing in at 146.8 and my final result this morning was 142.2. A difference of about 4.5 pounds! That's about what I expected and considering I did "cheat" on the diet a little, that's pretty good.  Overall I think this diet is good for detoxing after an indulgent weekend or vacation, to help a person get back on track with their fitness. I honestly thought I would have woken up ravenous ready to eat the world, but I couldn't even finish the banana I had for breakfast. I did end up splitting mac and cheese, and fish and chips with my bestie when we hung out today, but even then, I didn't finish my portion. I'm feeling pretty good, and the biggest question is probably if I would do this again.

The answer is...probably.

It's nice and short, but it is a pretty strict three days. I would do it again with some substitutions from the approved list on the website. 

But I'm no hurry to do it again!

I should mention that the website says this diet can be done 3 days on, 4 days off, every week for as long as you wish. On the 4 off-days, it's ill-advised that you start wrecking pepperoni pizzas and entire cakes, of course. But maintaining a healthy diet and an exercise program with minor splurges is fine. Everything, as always, in moderation. 

It is not advised to stay on this diet longer than 3 days! The calories are loooooow on this diet, and if you do it longer than the 3 days, your body will go into starvation mode and all sorts of bad juju will befall you. 3 days tops. Got me?

I'm not sure I'll be scurrying back to this diet next week, but I may attempt it again soon. 

If you try this diet out, please let me know how it went for you!