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Lifestyle: The Military Diet, Day 3

It's the final day of this diet! It couldn't come soon enough. I think this diet is called the Military Diet not because of the ridiculous notion that this is what troops in the military eat, but because, like in the military sometimes, you might not get anything to freakin' eat!  I did notice that I wasn't dying of hunger today. The first two days I found myself counting the minutes between meals, but today I really didn't feel that hungry most of the day. Which is a good thing, because the food on this last day was what I can only describe as meager.

Meal 1, Day 3: Breakfast - And Watch Out! It's Filling!

   My first meal of the day consisted of one apple, 5 saltines, and 1 slice of cheddar cheese, plus coffee with Stevia. I know, I know. Huge meal! Compared to previous mornings, this one was definitely scant. But, it filled me up, at least enough that I didn't notice being hungry until almost one o'clock, when it was time for lunch.

Meal 2, Day 3: An Even Bigger Lunch!

   Lunch consisted of one scrambled egg on one piece of toast.


But again, it felt like enough food for the afternoon and I really didn't notice being particularly hungry. And I was definitely not hangry, so score!

Meal 3, Day 3: *More Crickets* (The Noise, Not That I Ate Them. That Would Be Disgusting. Obviously.)

   Yes, folks. This here is my luscious dinner. A whole cup of tuna! YASSSSS. 

Uh, no. But seriously, one cup of tuna was all that was on the dinner menu.

Okay. So, that was what was on the menu. However, I decided that I was not going to eat one cup of tuna. I decided I was going to eat a half cup of tuna, 2 hot dogs, and half a cup of broccoli. And that's what I ate. I knew I wasn't going to be able to choke down an entire cup of tuna, and I also knew that only eating a half cup of tuna was not going to be sufficient.

I realized over the course of this diet that my caloric intake was well below what the diet says it's supposed to be, and that's because I inadvertently bought light vanilla ice cream (50 fewer calories per half cup than regular), "light" bread (45 calories a slice) and low-fat cottage cheese. When I added them up, I was significantly below the calories for each day (these are listed on the site -

So! I deviated from the diet plan for the last meal in order to make up for some of the calories I had lost. And my meal was way better. I like tuna - but not dry. 

   And for dessert, once again, half a cup of vanilla ice cream (I ate a whole cup) and half a banana that I diced up, sprinkled with Stevia and cinnamon, and heated up in the microwave. The best part of the day, right here! 

All in all, this diet was challenging based on the scant amount of food that you can have. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning and post a brief blog entry letting you know my weight loss and my final thoughts on this diet.