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Lifestyle: The Military Diet, Day 1

All right. I know what you're thinking. The Military Diet is a fad diet. It's not healthy, etc., it's a crash diet, and the best way to lose weight is to eat healthy and exercise.  I completely agree. 

The reason why I'm attempting this diet program is to kick-start my body into a healthier mode. I'm hoping that by shocking it a bit, I'll have a simpler time staying on course with a healthier meal plan in general.

I recently went on vacation. My dad's side of the family all got together for a family reunion, the first in over 5 years. I'm half Chinese on his side, and we all got together in Toronto. Toronto has a big Asian subculture, and what that means is exxxxxxxxcellent Chinese food, almost every single day. I'm not talking about chicken fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and other Americanized dishes. I'm talking about the authentic stuff, and believe me when I tell you that it is beyond delicious. 

And it should come as no surprise that I came home from a 6-day trip toting 5-6 extra pounds (so did my husband).

I planned on focusing on eating healthier in general - lots of vegetables, fruits, protein and whole grains. This is harder than it sounds - at least, it is for me! 

Enter the Military Diet. This is a 3-day diet that purports to encourage weight loss of up to 10lbs a week. Obviously it depends on your weight and state of health before beginning the diet. This diet works off gradual calorie restriction and has a strict meal plan for each meal, each of the three days. Fortunately, most of the foods are things people generally like - hot dogs, ice cream, apples, bananas.

Yeah, I said hot dogs and ice cream.

This diet also claims to work on something like a "chemical reaction". In other words, the selected foods were chosen because of their chemical makeup, and when combined in a certain way and with other foods, they promote higher fat burning.

I'm not sure I buy this; I honestly believe the diet works because of the gradually restricted calories, and certain foods - like the hot dogs and the ice cream - are there to provide enough fats and calories to prevent the body from going into starvation mode. But, as I am neither a doctor nor a dietician, I can't say for sure. There is quite a bit of information about this diet available on the interwebs and I encourage anyone interested in trying out this diet to do some research first and also consult with your physician. 

First up - the foods.

   Head to for all the details about the diet, a substitution list, and FAQs. I've gone ahead and screen-shot the full diet as well as the shopping list.

As you can see, the food gradually reduces each day. The good news is, it's only 3 days.

So, today is my first day. I weighed myself this morning and I weigh in at 146.8 lbs. I've eaten all of my meals. How do I feel? I'm definitely hungry. But I'm going to have water as the evening goes on, and I'll end my evening with a cup of tea (no milk or sugar). That should fill up my belly. 


Meal 1, Day 1: Breakfast of Champs

  For breakfast, I followed the diet strictly. One piece of toast (I used Sara Lee Whole Grain 45 Calories and Delightful) with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter, half a GIANT grapefruit (seriously, it was over 4 inches in diameter. The biggest effing grapefruit I've ever seen) sprinkled with a little Stevia (the ONLY approved sweetener) and a cup of black coffee, also sweetened with a little Stevia. I typically don't drink strictly black coffee (and by "typically don't" I mean NEVER) but the Stevia helped out. I also had flavored coffee, just to have a little something in terms of flavor. It wasn't too bad! In fact the entire breakfast was similar in portion to what I would have on a normal day. I would just put Nutella on the toast instead. 😁

Meal 2, Day 1: Lunch of...Paupers? 


I'm not going to lie to you. Lunch was not plentiful, by any stretch of the imagination. It was one piece of dry toast and half a cup of tuna. 


Yes, that's all.

The toast is self-explanatory. I used canned tuna, and drained out the water. I sprinkled it with sodium free Mrs. Dash's seasoning and then nuked it until it was warm. 

Then I looked between the two dishes and sighed heavily.

I did what came naturally and piled some tuna on the toast and ate it that way. Then I finished whatever tuna was left. I prefer my tuna with mayo, celery and onion, not dry with seasoning, so this was not what I would classify my favorite experience with tuna.

I'm pretty sure this goes without saying but I was hungry twenty minutes after "lunch". Hell, I was hungry while EATING lunch. 

You can have black coffee or plain tea with lunch, but I had 2 mugs of coffee in the morning and the twitching had finally subsided, so I just stuck to water.

The afternoon was rough. And by rough, I mean I was frickin' starving.

Meal 3, Day 1: Oh, Sweet, Sweet Supper


Day 1 dinner is 3oz of any kind of meat, a cup of green beans, an apple, half a banana, and a cup of vanilla ice cream. I decided to enjoy the ice cream separately after dinner, because, well...I needed to.

I decided to go for 2 hot dogs for this meal. 2 hot dogs equals about 3 oz and is on the menu for Day 2 dinner also. Since I bought a package of 8 all-beef franks, and because I love hot dogs, I opted for these. Of course, as the diet says, any kind of meat will do as long as it's 3 oz, or about the size of a deck of cards. 

For the beans, I just used canned French-style green beans, which I heated up and seasoned with more Mrs. Dash. I sliced the apple and the banana and had it as an accompaniment to my meal. All in all, it was tasty. I scarfed it down like it was my last meal.

Meal 3.2, Day 1: Ice. Effing. Cream. 


I restrained myself for about 40 minutes and then dug into the ice cream. I did use a measuring cup to make sure that I got exactly one cup. I used just regular ol' vanilla ice cream. Doesn't have to be low fat. And you better believe I packed that crap down into that cup with no air pockets to spare. #TeamExactlyOneCup #TeamAnyDietThatInvolvesIceCream

All right. So that concludes Day 1 of the Military Diet. I finished eating about an hour ago and...I'm hungry. Not going to lie. But, I'm certainly not going to DIE of hunger pangs, so...onward to Day 2!