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Haul: Drugstore Goodies

I recently went to Wal-Mart for a prescription and accidentally ended up in the makeup aisle. ...Or something like that! Anyway, I picked up a couple of things that I've heard a lot about from other beauty bloggers/vloggers and have been wanting to try, and some random things that looked interesting that I thought I'd give a whirl.     First is this moisturizer. I've used a lot of moisturizers and I've liked a lot of moisturizers, but none that I have liked enough to keep repurchasing, either because it didn't wow me or because it was too expensive to repurchase the full size after trying out a sample. I heard about this brand from YouTube vlogger LustreLux (if you don't know who that is, go check her out and subscribe to her channel. She's awesome.) and she swears by it. She's described her skin type as previously oily and now more normal. I have a similar skin type; I'm oily in the T-zone and normal to dry everywhere else. From what I can see, CeraVe doesn't have an oily formula, so I just grabbed this normal-to-dry formula. So far, I like it. It's very light, non-greasy, hydrating, and it hasn't yet broken me out! 

Next up are the makeup items below: 

   If you're pretty up-to-speed in the beauty world with bloggers and vloggers, then you've definitely heard scores of them raving about the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. I tried to resist it, but after hearing so many overwhelmingly positive reviews, I decided to try it out.


I noticed that aside from the two lightest shades in the collection, most of the shades appear to be yellow-based. I tend to prefer more neutral shades, but when I'm more tan, yellow-bases are acceptable. I'm currently on the downhill slope of a recent self-tan, so I opted to try out shade 106 Sun Beige. I'll do a full review on this after I've had a couple weeks to try it out.

I also wanted to try out some bolder/brighter lipsticks. I'm usually a coward when it comes to lip colors, preferring variations on nudes, neutrals, and nude-pinks. But I keep seeing so many fun colors on so many different people that I wanted to try out some new shades. Whenever I do this, I opt for Wet & Wild lipsticks; at $1-$2 a pop depending on the formula, they are so affordable and make trying out new colors pretty hassle-free and easy on the pocketbook. 

   I got several pink shades, a peachy-coral shade, and a deep shade that will be better suited for fall. The first three pictured are the satin finish formula and were $.93. The last two are their matte/lasting formula, and are $1.93. 

   From left to right: 537A Blind Date; 526C Retro Pink; 512B Sunset Peach; 905D Smokin' Hot Pink; 907C Mauve Outta Here.

The second and third colors are frosts. Which, I know. Frosts are for grandmas, right? At least, that's what I had always thought. But, au contraire! The frost looks intimidating in the bullet but it just gives a lovely shine and glimmer to the lips. If paired with a matte eye, it won't be over-the-top shimmery. The peach color is really pretty. The pink was quite bright for me, but not in a garish way! I'll try it out with a matte brown smokey eye; leave a comment if you have any other good eye looks that pair nicely with a bright, blue-based pink lip.

The matte formulas are actually more like a hybrid matte/cream to me. They glide on, especially if you apply a balm first which I absolutely recommend. They are really creamy and not at all drying. As far as wearability, I only applied them for a short period to see what they looked like on, so I'll have to report back soon. 

   I also picked up this primer from Hard Candy. Lately, I've been on the hunt for a great primer; I love Benefit's POREfessional, Too Faced's Hangover Rx, and Nyx's Angel Veil. I wanted to love Maybelline's Baby Skin, but I only find it somewhat okay. I'm definitely interested in a primer that will fill my pores, because the ones on the front of my cheeks and around my nose are huge. Not cute. Especially when your foundation sinks into them. Gah.

   The consistency of the product is very similar to that of the Baby Skin, which made me sigh. But I'm going to try it out anyway and see if it's any better. Anyone have a reco for a great pore-filling primer?


I so do not need any more nail polish. But, to be fair (to myself), I don't have any lilac polishes, and I've been wanting a nice blue-based lilac color. This one is called Lilacking Control. 


Finally, I grabbed these two highlighters. I'm a highlighter junkie; it is my favorite step of makeup application and the one that brings me the most joy! And probably it's my favorite because it's the easiest to apply!


The first one is by Physician's Formula. It has a very light vanilla/champagne hue, and there are some very tiny shimmers in it. Depending on my makeup look, I don't mind shimmer. I tend not to prefer shimmer if I'm wearing very neutral or minimal makeup but if I'm doing a more dramatic look, it's acceptable. The packaging is nice, which is typical for PF. It also comes with a little brush. I prefer a fan brush or the Morphe tapered highlight brush for highlighter application, so I probably won't use this one.

 My pictures here don't really pick up the micro-glitter type shimmer, but it's there. Overall, I like this product and am looking forward to trying it out with a full makeup look.

I really like this Wet & Wild Fergie highlight. It's a gorgeous combination of golden, rosy and light bronzey shades all swirled together.


As opposed to the PF highlight, this one has no real glitters in it, despite the fact that it's so shimmery. When applied, it gives the skin a beautiful glow. It reminds me a lot of the Hourglass Ambient Light powder, in the way that it gives more of a sheen rather than a shimmer (not in color). It's a very subtle but luminous glow, and it's perfect to wear on no-makeup days for a little extra brightening or with full makeup looks if you're not into shining into outer space (like I usually am!).

What are some of your favorite finds at the drugstore? Leave a comment and let me know!