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Travel Diary: Packing and the First Leg

This weekend, my entire family on my father's side is amassing for a family reunion. It's been many years since we were all together last, and many things have changed - there is a new baby (my niece), a new engagement (my cousin and his longtime girlfriend), career changes, educational accolades,  etc. It's definitely a time to celebrate. Travel in my household is never without a flurry of activity. It's become standard practice somehow that we put off packing, organizing, and straightening up until the last possible second. I went to bed at 1:30am with a 4:30am wake up call. My husband didn't come to bed until 2:30am. This probably goes without saying, but...we're a wee bit tired.

Luckily for me, my packing list I always fill out came through for me. I brought exactly what I wrote down and not a penny more. Since this is a 5-day trip, all of my things fit inside my large suitcase and I didn't need to bring anything else. And I didn't have to sit on it! It magically zippered shut with ease. And no bulges, which is unprecedented.


When packing, I learned a while ago to roll up my clothing to maximize space economy. Since I started doing that, it's served me tremendously. As you can see, everything fits, and wrinkling will be minimized.


The only thing that I struggled with was my new fold-up makeup case - that zebra-striped thing you see there. It velcros shut and has a hanger to unfurl and hang on a bathroom door. I bought lots of travel size items - shampoo and conditioner, lotions, face wash, deodorant, etc. - that fit in a special compartment. Then there are three pouches to hold everything else. I only brought a fraction of my makeup and only then after much deliberation. I selected items that could double-up in use; for example, I brought my Kat Von D Shade and Light palette (love this. If you don't own it, run-don't-walk to Sephora and pick it up). And it can be used for contouring, and bronzing, and even eye shadow, eliminating the need for an extra bronzer and eye shadow palette (I brought one of these anyway). The eye shadow palette I brought was Too Faced's Natural Eyes palette. It's small, perfect for travel, and has a good variety of matte and shimmery neutral shades - one such shimmery shade is light enough to double as a beautiful highlight. I brought one foundation and one BB Cream as well, in addition to basic necessities like brows and mascara (and yes, in my world, these are totes necessities!). I brought one nude lipstick - THE perfect nude, I might add; I'll do a post about my top nude lipsticks soon - one shimmery pink gloss, and a Too Faced La Creme lipstick. These are my favorite lipsticks, hands down - the formula is extremely creamy and they have a shine to them - lipstick and a gloss in one! The shade I brought is Spice, Spice Baby, and it comes off on my lips as a sheer pink-brown. 

I don't anticipate doing any dramatic looks on this trip - easy, quick, natural makeup. 

We just finished our first flight and have about an hour until the next one. I finally caved and took my anti-anxiety medication that was specifically prescribed for flying - I have severe flight anxiety! I asked my husband afterward if the flight was that decent or meds worked really well. He said the flight was actually kind of bad, and I never noticed! That's my kind of flight.

   Now, off to find a Starbucks. Mama needs her wake-up juice. Toodles for now!