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Random Musings: Blog Irony

When I decided it would be necessary and prudent to build a web site and a blog, I couldn't do either one fast enough. And, if you have ever built a web site or a blog, you understand that it's not always an easy feat. There are periods of triumph which are quickly quashed by periods of raging fury when everything, inevitably, goes awry (of course, if you are able to have both of these things professionally built, disregard. You don't know what raging fury is, because you were probably somewhere with your feet up and drinking a margarita, not worried in the least about aligning text boxes and matching colors. Or whatever).  But I was determined -- nay, I was dead set on completing both tasks. "It's important," they said. "You'll have fun with it, too," they said. Oh, I bought into the hype. I told myself it would be yet another way to "build my platform" and "expand my audience". I made lists of topics, and I even got a generous long-term loan of a fancy-schmancy camera from my best friend with which to take glorious pictures for the purposes of inundating my blog and site with rich imagery (or pictures of my makeup. Whatever.).

But after launching last week, I've done not a thing with either. It's amazing how quickly the days have gone by, and I've been so lost in my writing and editing that I'd look up at the end of a day and realize I hadn't blogged, then tell myself, a la Scarlett O'Hara, "I can't blog now. I'll blog tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."

That is true indeed. Tomorrow is another day. Another day that comes and goes and leaves my poor, tiny bloggity blog neglected. There are plenty of things I'd like to blog about, and in fact plan to blog about. I'm just too busy not doing it. I'm writing. Or napping. Or eating cookies. You get the idea.

The point of this random musing is just to emphasize the need to make time for the important things. As a writer, it's important to write. I know. Profound, right? But, seriously. We can't just immerse ourselves in novels all the live long day. We can't write nothing but fictional stories or do research or write screenplays. Blogging is an outlet that allows us to both write and be ourselves in a way that fiction writing doesn't allow. In fact, with fiction, being ourselves is the last thing we need to be doing. We're supposed to be someone else - our main character(s). And that can be tiring.

But when you don't make time for that outlet, it's easy to become jaded with your projects. Or it is, at least, for me. It sometimes feels like another chore, another task to tackle and conquer, but I think with practice and dedication it'll be something enjoyable and relaxing. Because sometimes - don't know about you - I just need to ramble. Muse randomly, if you will.

So, I'm setting a goal: I vow to blog no less than thrice weekly, with a top goal of - wait for it - every day. (Before you scoff, I'll ask you to remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, people. Bear with me.)

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned, because there is (THERE IS!) more to come.