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Hello world!

In the immortal words of Austin Powers, "allow myself to introduce...myself." I'm M. Allison Lea. I write stuff. You can read some of that stuff at my website, which is this:

I also write random stuff. I like to muse. Randomly. And then I like to take those random musings and throw them, virtually, of course, at unsuspecting people (like you!).

Additionally, I'm a self-professed beauty-a-holic. So, I'm going to be talking about things that fall under that category quite a bit, in between the posts about the writing and the musings.

I should at this point in time indicate that this very first post is in no way indicative of the quality of the posts to come. Meaning, I realize this post sucks a little and you're probably already bored to tears. But bear with me. If you like to read fiction - specifically that which would fall under the category of new adult, contemporary, action/adventure, romance, mystery, and women's lit - then you've come to a good place, as I'll be sharing excerpts of my many projects here. If you're a beauty fan, you've also come to a good place, because I'll be blogging about my favorite products for skin and makeup as well as talking about a myriad of things that fall under the "beauty" umbrella.

I should also take this time to boast about my mediocre skills in the kitchen. I like to bake occasionally, and I'll be sharing my successes. And perhaps my failures as well, if they're funny enough.

I like to read comments and other random musings from readers. As long as you promise to keep it positive (even criticisms) and respectful, you can say anything you want.

Stay tuned, friends, because there's so much more to come.